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Minsc from Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Best Quotes by Minsc and Boo

by Fire Nation Gaming
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Minsc, who is a human ranger, and his tiny giant space hamster Boo, are both origin characters, as well as recruitable companions in the Baldur’s Gate 3 video game.

Here are some of the best quotes by Minsc and Boo.

  1. Go for the eyes, Boo!
  2. Evil hides, and Boo seeks!
  3. Have you met my hamster?
  4. Sword at my side and hamster at hand.
  5. Steel sharp, hamster hungry.
  6. Minsc waits. Boo watches.
  7. The city reeks of evil! Or perhaps Boo just needs to bathe.
  8. See how still Boo lies? He dreams of evil’s doom!
  9. Boo says: What?
  10. Know that if you poke Boo, no higher dimension will keep you safe!
  11. Hush! I am surprising Boo for his birthday! He is… uh… eh… how old do hamsters get…?
  12. Where Boo leads, Minsc follows.
  13. Catch the clicker, Boo!
  14. Soften my step, Boo! No – get out of my boot.
  15. Feet light as feathers, and softer than Boo’s.
  16. Boo – say BOO!
  17. Boo! Can you see your house from here?
  18. Watch out, evil. None nap so powerfully as Boo!
  19. Do not look into his eyes, Boo!
  20. Karlach – do I see you gazing long at Boo? You wish to have a hamster of your own, I think.
  21. Boo will not permit himself to be held by you any longer, Shadowheart.
  22. Minsc sometimes wishes he was small as Boo – so that he might sit and listen to the storytellers in peace.

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