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Karlach from Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Best Quotes by Karlach

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Karlach is both an origin character, as well as a recruitable companion in the Baldur’s Gate 3 video game.

The lore states that Karlach was a former servant of Zariel, the archdevil ruling Avernus. It goes on to say that she was forced into service in the hellish realms but has since escaped, in an attempt to seek freedom and redemption in the mortal world. This escape from Avernus, which she regards as a prison rather than a home, colors much of her interaction with the world.

Here are some of the best quotes by Karlach.

Please Don’t Open The Creepy Book

Located in a hidden cellar within the Blighted Village, adventurers might discover a mysterious volume entitled ‘The Necromancy Of Thay’.

If Karlach is with the group at that moment, she speaks this quote and startles the group.

There’s Courage In Being Terrified, But Still Going Forward

Although Karlach’s apprehension about mortality is evident, it is her courage and determination that gives her the courage to push forward.

Avernus Was Never My Home…

During the initial act, while confronting supposed Paladins of Tyr who are actually servants of Zariel attempting to send Karlach back to Avernus, she passionately declares amidst fiery anger “Avernus was never my home. It was my prison. I’m free now. And I’m never going back!”

Aw, Was That Gale’s Granddad?

Throughout the game, Karlach shows enthusiasm for certain adventurers, and although Elminster Aumar is one of them, she lacks knowledge of the esteemed wizard, and mistakes him for Gale’s grandfather.

Stick Close To Mama K

As they first enter the eerie Shadow-Cursed Lands in act two with Karlach, she admits the place unnerves her.

Showing her protective side, she playfully encourages the party to stick close, calling herself Mama K.

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